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Ereport io ddi fm
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Ereport io ddi fm

Date:26.03.2018, 21:29 There is apparently no documented way to map DMA buffers allocated using ddi_dma_mem_alloc to applications. Defined(DDI_FM_DEVICE )! defined(DISABLE _FMA). Ddi_fm_ereport_post (9F) Ddi_get_cred (9F) Ddi_getlongprop_buf (9F) Ddi_io_rep_get16 (9F). Mapin bp_mapout btop btopr buf bufcall bzero c canput canputnext cb_ops chpoll close clrbuf cmn_err condvar copyb copyin copymsg copyout copyreq copyresp csx_AccessConfigurationRegister csx_CS_DDI. 00144 / 00145 if (zio- io_flags ZIO_FLAG _SPECULATIVE ) 00146 return; / 00149 If this I/O is not a retry I/O, don t post an ereport. 00251 FM_EREPORT _FAILMODE _WAIT : 00252 spa_get_failmode (spa) ZIO_FAILURE _MODE _CONTINUE?
Ereport io ddi fm

Ereport io ddi fm Ereport io ddi fm


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