Figure A-2 shows the graph of temperature versus pressure for the ideal case. Table A-1. Data From Experiment Voltage pres (V) Voltage temp (V) Pressure meas (kPa) Temperature meas (K) Temperature ideal (K) 6.32 0.0011 99.90 298.94 312.17 6.39 0.0020 102.81 320.32 321.28 6.78 0.0031 119.82 346.26 374.44 7.31.

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Date:20.06.2016, 23:57 FindComponent Indicates whether a given component is owned by the component. Free Destroys an object and frees its associated memory, if necessary. FreeInstance Deallocates memory allocated by a previous call to the System:TObject:NewInstance method. Ред. 'VALUES (me, : Author, : Publish, :Year, : Pages, :ISBN SQLC onnectionl. Execute(SQLstmt, stmtPar3ms finally ee; end end; В листинге 17.2 показано, как можно использовать механизм транзакций (проект Chap_17TransTransDem. dpr). Листинги 17.1 и 17.2) procedure SetTraceCallbackEvent Связывает с соединением функцию обратного (Event: TSQLC allbackEvent; вызова, которая будет вызываться при каждом IClientlnfo:Integer обмене информацией между клиентом и сервером procedure StartTransaction Запускает транзакцию (см.
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While the use of industrial materials implied a certain expectation of permanence with regard to a work of art, in direct contrast, LeWitt appreciated the ephemeral character and impermanence of Conceptual art.

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