Drinks are usually kept in pouches, with a built in straw. Some missions even carry soft drinks, with special nozzles that dispense the drink straight into the astronaut's mouth. Coca Cola have even designed a Coke dispenser so that space shuttle crews can get a cold soda whenever they.

Osteoporosis case study lupus
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Osteoporosis case study lupus

Date:10.11.2017, 09:20 Other cases, common symptoms are typical pain in the lumbar and thoracic spine, which are intensified after a long stay in one position or low physical activity. The main treatment for osteoporosis is directed at maintaining normal content of calcium in the body and normalization of bone metabolism. Mainly In case of osteoporosis, the deformation of the skeleton occurs, the vertebrae become flattened, the spine - curved. Flattened vertebrae begin to compress the spinal roots, and this often leads to the fact that they break down, especially in the lumbar region, in consequence, there is pain in the back. Identify the complications of osteoporosis - fractures, is used x-ray, but to diagnose osteoporosis using this method is not possible. The consequence of osteoporosis is fractures of long bones and vertebrae. More Is found in milk, cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, fish, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts and dried fruits. The daily requirement for calcium is around 1,000 mg, for comparison, 100 grams of these products contain from 100 to 3000 mg of calcium.
Osteoporosis case study lupus

Osteoporosis case study lupus Osteoporosis case study lupus


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