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Procedure for reporting accidents riddor
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Procedure for reporting accidents riddor

Date:22.12.2016, 00:38 Is important  especially with accidents where a child may have hit his head. Parents would then be asked to give a brief written report which they would be asked to sign. The investigation of near-misses is an important step in accident prevention. Dangerous occurrences The definition of a dangerous occurrence is an unplanned event which is specifically identified in Schedule 2 of the. Dealing with blood Always take precautions when cleaning wounds as some conditions such as Hepatitis or the HIV Virus can be transmitted via blood. Wear disposable gloves and wipe up any blood spillage with disposable cloths, neat sterilising fluid or freshly diluted bleach (one part diluted with 10 parts. The appointed person responsible for first aid is. Mamselle Jackson All/most of the staff are trained in paediatric first aid and this training will be updated every three years to ensure this remains current.
Procedure for reporting accidents riddor

Procedure for reporting accidents riddor Procedure for reporting accidents riddor


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