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Convention on human rights and biomedical explanatory
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Convention on human rights and biomedical explanatory report

Date:20.06.2016, 06:53 Taking it into account can be regarded as an integral part of good medical practice with regard to any decision to carry out a test. This was considered to be of particular importance for tests proposed outside any individualized medical supervision. This Protocol was adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe on opened for signature on 28 November 2008. The Protocol covers all genetic testing carried out for health purposes, except those with regard to the human embryo and fetus and. It also serves as a reference instrument for the European Union and for other international organizations, such as UNESCO and WHO. The Convention sets out a number of principles with regard to genetics (Articles 1114 particularly genetic testing and interventions on the human genome. The Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine requires in its Article 12 that tests which are predictive of genetic diseases or which serve either to identify the subject as a carrier of a gene responsible for a disease or to detect a genetic predisposition or susceptibility to a disease. The Explanatory Report to Article 8 of the Additional Protocol specifies that genetic counseling is an individualized process taking into account, in particular, the psychological and family context of the person concerned and involving an exchange between him or her and the person providing the counseling.
Convention on human rights and biomedical explanatory report

Convention on human rights and biomedical explanatory report Convention on human rights and biomedical explanatory report


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