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Cost versus value report
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Cost versus value report

Date:19.06.2016, 21:18 When you look at cost alone, regardless of whether youre talking about the 17 perennials or all 28 projects that were in the 20 reports, the result was the same: The average project cost 4.7 more this year. Remodeling s Cost vs. Value data helps. Remodeling s Cost vs. Value Report. Captures Major Prize. Listen: 5 Ways to Use the Cost vs. Value Report for Your. The annual Cost vs. Value report from BUILDER s sister publication, REMODELING, provides data on how much 30 different home. But if you look at the 17 projects weve tracked since 2005, the results are similar. For the 17 projects tracked in the past, the average value recouped was 63.7, up from 62.1 in the 2015 report and the second-best year in the past six.
Cost versus value report

Cost versus value report Cost versus value report


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