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Crystal reports running totals in group header
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Crystal reports running totals in group header

Date:26.06.2016, 12:07 You can use shared variables to pass data around the main report, back and forth between the main report and subreports, and from subreport to subreport. Add these keywords in front of variable declarations to determine their scope, as follows : Local NumberVar BonusAmount; /will only be visible in. This can be accomplished by using variables. A variable is simply a placeholder that Crystal Reports sets aside in the computer s memory. As the report progresses from record to record or from group to group, your formula can refer back to the variable or change its contents. Exactly how long and where a variable keeps its value is determined by the variable s scope. If a variable has a narrow scope, it will retain its value only in the formula where it is initially declared any other formula that refers to a variable with the same. Declaring a Variable The first step in any formula that uses a variable is to declare the variable. This sets aside a specific amount of memory for the variable, based on its data type. You may want to accumulate some value as the report progresses so that you can print a total in a group footer or report footer. For example, you may want to check the value of a subtotal in a group footer.
Crystal reports running totals in group header

Crystal reports running totals in group header Crystal reports running totals in group header


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