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Dissertation word count abstract included
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Dissertation word count abstract included

Date:16.05.2016, 23:14 2. POLICIES 2.1 Continuous Enrollment The continuous enrollment policy applies to all students writing a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation. Students must be enrolled in thesis or dissertation credit for each Fall and Spring semester until the document is completed and submitted to the Graduate School for review. Retroactive approval will not be granted. A leave of absence does not extend the time limitations for a degree program. 2.2 Thesis/Dissertation Faculty Committees. Before undertaking any work on your document, a faculty committee must be formed, and the Graduate School must be notified of said committee (minimum of. ( Click here for a current listing of all graduate faculty members ). The University of Memphis maintains six levels of graduate faculty: full, associate, affiliate, adjunct, research co-mentor, and teaching adjunct. If a student has two adjuncts or an adjunct and an affiliate member on their committee, both members can participate in the final defense meeting, but only one of the two can sign the final thesis or dissertation approval page.
Dissertation word count abstract included

Dissertation word count abstract included Dissertation word count abstract included


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