17, 18 However, a pure hydrogen economy approach (either compressed or liquefied hydrogen) on a large, global scale, presents many unresolved challenges such as danger of explosion and extremely costly infrastructure.

Ecology method statement
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Ecology method statement

Date:18.05.2016, 13:17 Therefore, this thing can probably sting me! (specific conclusion) How do you find out? Well, this experiment might be kind of painful. But you get the idea. The results of your study may suggest further experiments. To test your hypotheses, you sweep a small dip net into the ocean and pull it out. What if you were to put your net in the water many times, and never catch a fish? Multiple hypotheses make good science. (If you have only one possible answer, you may bias your experiment and your analysis.) Hypotheses should be testable via experimental procedures or field studies based on the hypothetico-deductive approach. In other words, you have not proven your "no fish" hypothesis to be correct. You have only failed to prove that it is incorrect. Until you do that one trial that nets a fish, the "no fish" hypothesis must be provisionally accepted: your observable evidence does not suggest otherwise. Scientists all start their work by making observations and noticing interesting things. That's what you did when you went out and took pictures. Which brings us to two ways of thinking.
Ecology method statement

Ecology method statement Ecology method statement


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