However, he scored a major breakthrough with the hit Zui quan (1978) (aka "Drunken Master which has become a cult favorite among martial arts film fans. Not too long after this, Chan made his directorial debut with Shi di chu ma (1980) (aka "The Young Master and then "Enter.

Resume with no dates of employement
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Resume with no dates of employement

Date:11.05.2017, 14:12 How to list your work experience on your resume. Tips for the chronological, combination, and functional resume formats. How to handle work history problems. When you're writing a resume, the experience section of your resume provides detailed information about your employment history. This is the real heart of your resume. What is your opinion/advice on removing months from the dates portion of your resume? I have a few years of professional experience and wonder if the months could. As a long-term employee of one company, you certainly have a wealth of experience; what you don't have is a lengthy work experience section on your resume.
Resume with no dates of employement

Resume with no dates of employement Resume with no dates of employement


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