In another test to simulate the life-cycle of a swimsuit, INVISTA results show that once degradation of the fabric begins, it is very difficult to arrest.  These tests reveal that XTRA LIFE LYCRA fiber resists this degradation 5X longer than the other chlorine-resistant fabrics tested.

Esl new year warmers
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Esl new year warmers

Date:14.06.2016, 21:52 The sillier the better. E.g. Everytime you read a word with the letter a in, you have to read it twice. Everytime you have a word with an e, you have to stand up and sit down. The first activity is often described as a warmer an activity that gets students thinking in English and awakens their brain cells, and hopefully makes them feel positive about the lesson. (I do not take credit for these games, most of them are games I learned from the teacher community or adapted from games I found through the years) 1. The two finger point: lesson: teaching new words, readingpronunciation preparation: nothing how to play: Write the vocab. He then has to write that word with his finger on the back of the kid standing in front of him. That student then does the same to the next in line and so on. Teenagers: Warmers 3: Jokes a silly dictation. A fun way to encourage thinking skills and allow students to process the language. Teenagers: Warmers 4: Lateral thinking A fun activity to practise questions forms and a wide range of vocabulary.
Esl new year warmers

Esl new year warmers Esl new year warmers


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