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Financial reporting of interests in joint ventures
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Financial reporting of interests in joint ventures

Date:08.07.2016, 13:04 Proposes to replace IAS 31 with a new standard titled Joint Arrangements. Some significant revisions of IAS 31 were adopted as a result of the Business Combinations Phase II Project relating to loss of joint control IAS 31 amended for Annual Improvements to IFRS s 2007 for certain disclosures. IAS 31.55 A listing and description of interests in significant joint ventures and the proportion of ownership interest held in jointly controlled entities. A venturer that recognises its interests in jointly controlled entities using the line-by-line reporting format for proportionate consolidation or the equity method shall disclose the aggregate. IAS 31.56 The method it uses to recognise its interests in jointl. The income statement of the venturer includes its share of the income and expenses of the jointly controlled entity. IAS 31.33 IAS 31 allows for the use of two different reporting formats for presenting proportionate consolidation: IAS 31.34 The venturer may combine its share of each of the assets.
Financial reporting of interests in joint ventures

Financial reporting of interests in joint ventures Financial reporting of interests in joint ventures


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