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How to use perl variable in select
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How to use perl variable in select statement

Date:13.06.2016, 23:37 Jan 14, 2011. Is it possible to assign a SQL query result to a variable?. usr/bin/perl; use strict; use warnings; use 5.010; use warnings; use strict; use DBI;. Hi Monks, I have a dbi statement handle: my confidence_query dbh- prepare select confidence_str from tabl e where probeset_id? download When I set the value of table and execute the query: confidence_query- execute SNP_1 download I get an error: DBD:mysql:st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL. Is there a way of working around this? Thanks for your help. update: ah, yes. I needed to set table prior to the prepare statement. Janitored by Corion : Changed PRE to code tags, as per.
How to use perl variable in select statement

How to use perl variable in select statement How to use perl variable in select statement


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