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How to write 5 million pounds
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How to write 5 million pounds

Date:20.06.2016, 23:47 The same goes for dollars and euros. Always make clear what currency youre referring to. Millions are often abbreviated to m. 3m 3 million pounds. 6.7m 6.7 million dollars. You may see thousands abbreviated to k, often when talking about salaries. Never use contractions (its, theyll etc). Always write the full form. Never use colloquial abbreviations such as uni, Bham, info. If you need to refer often to an organisation or a specialist term with a long name, for example Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or the National Society for the Prevention. Links to further resources on numbers and abbreviations Sussex University. Recently, however, some of these (often referred to as acronyms) are being written just with a capital first letter: the Aids epidemic If youre not sure, use capitals. 3 Etc etc There are certain abbreviations which are commonly found in academic writing. A salary of 35k is 35,000 pounds a year. 5 Large numbers 1,000/1000 a thousand 10,000 ten thousand 100,000 one hundred thousand 1,000,000 a million 10,000,000 ten million 100,000,000 one hundred million 1,000,000,000 a billion (one thousand million) (In the UK, a billion used to be a million million.
How to write 5 million pounds

How to write 5 million pounds How to write 5 million pounds


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