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Hydro ottawa outage report
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Hydro ottawa outage report

Date:18.05.2016, 18:09 Complaints made directly to the distributor are not reported here. Performance Reports Scorecard Performance Build a Custom Report Use the custom report tool to select distributors and scorecard performance measures to compare Compare distributors performance measures Compare year-over-year performance for a specific distributor Regulatory Information Hydro Ottawa Limited Electricity. Jessica, one of the shoppers, said she was picking up some gifts for her godchildren when the power went out. We were trying to think of what to do, she said, adding she didnt have a back up plan. Earlier in the day, however, it was a very different story. At one point, upwards of 20,000 customers were affected by the outages, caused mainly by strong winds which blew through the region. That sent last-minute Christmas shoppers into a, thankfully temporary, panic as they either waited for the electricity to return or raced to their vehicles and headed for somewhere the lights were on. Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation Woodstock Hydro Services Inc. Number of Customers: 319,536 (1) Distribution Service Area: Click to view (.PDF) Total Size of Service Area: 1,104 sq km (1) Total km of Electricity Line: 5,506 km (1) Total Annual Cost per Customer: 623.00 (2) What does this number mean.
Hydro ottawa outage report

Hydro ottawa outage report Hydro ottawa outage report


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