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Ie9 bug report
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Ie9 bug report

Date:17.06.2016, 21:59 I've posted this comment on a seperate StackOverflow thread, but thought it was worth repeating here: For our in-house t app, adding the "X-UA-Compatible" tag on the web page, in the nfig or in the code-behind made absolutely no difference. The only thing that worked for us was to manually turn off this setting in IE8: (Sigh.) This problem only seems to happen with IE8 IE9 on intranet sites. External websites will work fine and use the correct version of IE8/9, but for internal websites, IE9 suddenly decides it's. Or get the users to use Chrome. ;-). No, I don't quite understand this logic either. My reluctant solution has been to test whether the browser has HTML 5 support (by creating a canvas, and testing if it's valid and displaying this message to the user if it's not valid: It's not particularly user-friendly, but getting the. "Bible School Manuel For Use at the Macon Road Church of Christ" (booklet)ANDERSON, PEARL MILDRED "Digression and Restoration of the New Testament Church" (pamphlet)ANDREWS, L. H. "Courtship, Marriage, Home, Divorce" (pamphlet) "Church Trouble" (pamphlet) "The Whole Duty of Man" (booklet)ANDREWS, R.
Ie9 bug report

Ie9 bug report Ie9 bug report


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A onetime backup singer for Bob Dylan said last night that she was secretly married to the. Previous biographies have referred to Dennis as Dylan s girlfriend, and it has not been widely. Oprah Winfrey Endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

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