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If else if statement
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If else if statement

Date:19.05.2016, 04:26 You could use an if-then-else statement in the applyBrakes method to take some action if the brakes are applied when the bicycle is not in motion. In this case, the action is to simply print an error message stating that the bicycle has already stopped. Equals done break; if (input. equals A totalGradePoints 4; else if (input. equals B totalGradePoints 3; else if (input. equals C totalGradePoints 2; else if (input. equals D totalGradePoints 1; else if (!input. The problem is that you are using to compare Strings, when you should be using s.equals. The operator checks identity and Strings are not guaranteed to have the same identity (there may be several objects representing exactly the same string). The main benefit with my version above is that there is no duplication of the line numClasses. You could even make the loop more succinct and make it simpler to alter the grade points by using a Map, which will return a points value for the grade or null for an invalid grade: Map String, Integer gradePoints new HashMap String, Integer put A 4 put B 3 put C 2 put D 1 put F
If else if statement

If else if statement If else if statement


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