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Annual reportes
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Annual reportes

Date:01.02.2017, 08:23 Widespread harmful algal bloom impacts northeast Pacific. In the late spring and summer 2015, a widespread harmful algal bloom (HAB stretching off the west coast of North America from central California to British Columbia, Canada, resulted in significant impacts to marine life, coastal resources and the human communities that. Unusually warm surface water in the Pacific is considered a factor regarding the severity and early onset of the bloom. Antarctic temperatures were colder than average; sea ice extent was highly variable. Since 2013 the Bayer Sustainable Development Report is integrated in the Annual Report. Sustainable Development Reports Sustainable Development Report 2012 - Download PDF (3.00 MB) Sustainable Development Report 2011 - Download PDF (4.92 MB) Sustainable Development Report 2010 - Download PDF (2.91 MB) Sustainable Development Report 2009 - Download.
Annual reportes

Annual reportes Annual reportes


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By knowing the difference between receipts and revenues, we make certain that revenues from a transaction are reported only oncewhen the primary activities have been completed (and not necessarily when the cash is collected).

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