2019 The Lion King ( filming ) Pumbaa (voice) 2019 Flarsky ( filming ) 2018 Newsflash ( pre-production ) Walter Cronkite 2018/I Like Father ( post-production ) 2018. Zeroville ( post-production ) Viking Man B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations ( announced ) Jackson Moss (voice) 2017 The Disaster Artist.

Franks report 1963
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Franks report 1963

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Franks report 1963

Franks report 1963 Franks report 1963


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Was notoriously superstitious. He once joked that he kept a horseshoe, a crucifix and a mezzuza on his front door. Shortly before his death, he said that one of his most favorite roles was the voice of Professor Ratigan in the Disney feature The Great Mouse Detective (1986 especially.

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