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Monomer polymer dehydration synthesis hydrolysis
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Monomer polymer dehydration synthesis hydrolysis

Date:22.06.2017, 02:22 The name of this whole process is dehydration synthesis because monomers are literally coming together and synthesizing a polymer by dehydrating, or removing a water molecule. Need a picture? We were thinking that, too. On the chemical bond level of things, here is what happens when your body makes a triglyceride. First, here's what one dehydration reaction looks like: Great. Let's do it again. And again. Matthew Lewis. Longbottom love! t that we've ever done that. In the molecular world, the small subunits that ultimately link together to form larger molecules are called monomers, which literally means "single unit" ( mono one).
Monomer polymer dehydration synthesis hydrolysis

Monomer polymer dehydration synthesis hydrolysis Monomer polymer dehydration synthesis hydrolysis


synthesis and characterization of thiol stabilized cdte nanocrystals

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