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Restatement 3d mortgage
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Restatement 3d mortgage

Date:18.06.2017, 21:18 Both lenders and borrowers have to play by the rules.  If you don't pay the mortgage and the lender follows the law, you lose your house. But following the proper legal procedure is no less important than the default in a foreclosure; both are equally important requirements.  Otherwise, why not allow self-help foreclosures and evictions? I don't think it's too much to say that if you're going to engage in a major financial transaction like making a mortgage loan, you'll be expected to follow the law correctly or not enjoy its benefits. That sure sounds like a Mortgagocracy.  I suspect that many ALI members would be pretty shocked to find that's what the Restatement is saying.  But it's got the ALI imprimatur on it. The Restatement here is saying that "courts should bend over backwards to make sure that the lender wins no matter how badly the lender has screwed things up." Is it really an accurate restatement of the law to say "lenders win even if they screw up and don't follow the. The document in quest is section 5.4(c) from the Restatement (2d) of Property.  The Restatements are an ALI-only product (unlike the UCC, which is jointly done with NCCUSL and they are the ALI's signature product.
Restatement 3d mortgage

Restatement 3d mortgage Restatement 3d mortgage


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