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Margaret thatcher biography prime minister
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Margaret thatcher biography prime minister

Date:02.10.2016, 07:36 Background. Margaret Thatcher became the first woman Prime Minister of Great Britain when she was elevated to that office in 1979. Her Conservative Party defeated. : Candidate for Dartford Margaret Thatcher in her mid-twenties. In her mid-twenties she ran as the Conservative candidate for the strong Labour seat of Dartford at the General Elections of 19, winning national publicity as the youngest woman candidate in the country. Margaret Thatcher was the first female British Prime Minister and the most divisive British person of her generation. The leader of the Conservative Party. Essential Margaret Thatcher. Overview including brief biography, chronology and commentary. The social life of the family was lived largely within the close community of the local congregation, bounded by strong traditions of self-help, charitable work, and personal truthfulness. The Roberts family ran a grocery business, bringing up their two daughters in a flat over the shop.
Margaret thatcher biography prime minister

Margaret thatcher biography prime minister Margaret thatcher biography prime minister


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