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Mass effect major kyle side quest
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Mass effect major kyle side quest

Date:06.07.2016, 06:07 Samesh asks that you speak with the diplomat handling the situation. Samesh Bhatia Clerk Bosker Objective: Talk with Diplomat Clerk Bosker can be found in the Embassy Lounge which can be reached by heading up the stairs across from Samesh's location. On Feros, completed all quests and saved all 16 colonists. Thanks to invisiblehand for this Shepard! Name John #6 Shepard Date Added Gender / Alignment Male Paragon Level / Class 60 Vanguard Background Spacer / War Hero Romanced None Garrus added to party Yes Wrex added to party Yes. Saved Kaidan. No romance. Kept Wrex alive. Saved the Council. Saved the Rachni Queen. Treated Conrad Verner nicely, and persuaded him via Charm. Complted UNC: Asari Diplomacy. Returned body of Nirali Bhatia to her husband.
Mass effect major kyle side quest

Mass effect major kyle side quest Mass effect major kyle side quest


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