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Ms dos drive letter assignment
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Ms dos drive letter assignment

Date:19.06.2016, 01:09 You are here: Help MS-DOS About diskpart Availability Diskpart syntax Diskpart examples. Availability The diskpart command is a recovery console and external command that is available in the below Microsoft operating systems. SAN Display or set the SAN policy for the currently booted OS. SELECT Shift the focus to an object. SETID Change the partition type. SHRINK Reduce the size of the selected volume. In computing, drive letter assignment is the process of assigning alphabetical identifiers to volumes. Unlike the concept of UNIX mount points, where volumes are. Disk # Disk ASSIGN Assign a drive letter or mount point to the selected volume. ATTRIBUTES Manipulate volume or disk attributes. ATTACH Attaches a virtual disk file. AUTOMOUNT Enable and disable automatic mounting of basic volumes.
Ms dos drive letter assignment

Ms dos drive letter assignment Ms dos drive letter assignment


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