Q. Does my company have to file an annual report with the PUCO?. report any gross revenues (fees or commissions) on Ohio.

Agenda black report
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Agenda black report

Date:26.03.2017, 22:15 The difference between those two, where they both wound up, was essentially that Obama's 4 trillion in cuts was accompanied by a request for modest increases in taxes of people who have money, and the Republicans said that they would have no part of tax increases. Coyote: they've actually been driven off the cliff by President Obama's constant moving just a little bit to the left of them, so that their policies now are ridiculous, crazy, almost incoherent. But it's fairly close. So it's not a kind of moral question that one section of the elite's better than the other, but out of their own interests there's some advantage to ordinary people to having Democrats versus straightforward austerity-programmed Republicans. And, of course, we know lots of the Wall Street firms and other big companies support both parties and get what they can out of whichever party comes to power. But the constituency that elects the Democrats includes trade union leaders. We also know that significant segments of the military are not in favor of an attack on Iran. They were not then and are not now. So there are institutional breaks in place, just as there were during the Bush government.
Agenda black report

Agenda black report Agenda black report


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