Severin Wirz, Director of Member and Advisory Services, comments on trends in global anti-bribery enforcement in this guest post for Compliance Week. "To be sure, enforcement data is an important tool for companies to understand their anti-bribery regulatory risks.

Boeing case study in research
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Boeing case study in research

Date:29.05.2016, 23:21 Moreover, Boeing had overlooked how important distributors were to the supply chain. The aircraft maker realised it had to consider more partners when planning FPM. Boeing also met internal obstacles. It found that middle managers were sceptical of the claimed benefits and were worried about unintended consequences. Key lessons: A lack of attention to commodity items such as fasteners can put a company at risk. At Boeing, the effort to ensure fastener availability turned into something completely different as more parties than expected had to be extensively consulted and reassured. The most important changes would be better signalling of demand and the aggregation of supply-chain management in one place for Boeing and its six main production partners. The new system, which Boeing named the Fastener Procurement Model (FPM would use a central purchasing system to manage orders and inventory.
Boeing case study in research

Boeing case study in research Boeing case study in research


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Children and women were first to be allowed to enter the lifeboats and later some men. It was then realized that the boats were not enough to save every passenger on-board the Titanic.

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