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Oracle update statement ansi join
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Oracle update statement ansi join

Date:17.06.2016, 20:14 I have also included the code to preload the tables with some mocked up data the Customers table has 10,000 rows, and the Moved table has 3,000 rows, 1,000 of which match an existing row in the Customers table. Standards? Bah, who cares? Well, some do. Me for instance I will never use proprietary syntax if I know a standard alternative, expect if using the latter has severe negative consequences. SSN) WHERE EXISTS   (SELECT FROM   Moved AS m WHERE   m.SSN Customers. SSN But this is invalid syntax in any version of SQL Server (including the latest CTP for SQL Server 2008 and I know of no plans to change that before SQL Server 2008 RTMs. If I mess up the subquery criteria in an ANSI standard UPDATE query in a similar way, I see it even sooner, because SQL Server will return an error if the subquery returns more than a single value.
Oracle update statement ansi join

Oracle update statement ansi join Oracle update statement ansi join


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