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Correct salutations for cover letters
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Correct salutations for cover letters

Date:16.05.2016, 08:58 For example, the CEO of Lenovo is Yang Yuanqing. His surname is Yang and his first name is Yuanqing (in Mandarin, the family name is written first so if you are addressing him, you would write Dear Mr. You could also dispense with the opening greeting altogether and start with your first sentence, although some recipients might find that approach to be abrupt. In all openings, be sure to capitalize the first letter of every noun and follow your greeting with punctuation. And be sure to put a comma after your closing. A common error in business communications is the omission of that comma. Your full name goes on the next line. No need for the extra space that used to go on letters for the signature. Cavan Images / Stone / Getty Images. Updated February 02, 2016. What is a Cover Letter Salutation? A salutation is the greeting you include at the beginning of a cover letter.
Correct salutations for cover letters

Correct salutations for cover letters Correct salutations for cover letters


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