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Perl sleep statement
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Perl sleep statement

Date:14.06.2016, 20:00 Advertise on m Conditional statements may involve logical operators and usually test equality or compare one value to another. Here's a look at some common conditional statements. Remember that the code to be executed will only execute if the condition in parentheses is met. Perl s system function executes a system shell command. Here the parent process forks a child process, and then waits for the child process to terminate. Print " br / if (x 7) (y 7) print 'x and y are equal to 7! print " br / : x is equal to 7! x or y is equal to 7! Sleep EXPR. sleep. Causes the script to sleep for (integer) EXPR seconds, or forever if no argument is given. Returns the integer number of seconds actually slept.
Perl sleep statement

Perl sleep statement Perl sleep statement


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