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Case studies in psychology kinds of remembering
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Case studies in psychology kinds of remembering

Date:15.04.2017, 06:45 Indeed, from an Occidental viewpoint we might well question whether it warrants the title of religion. In the West we are accustomed to thinking of theology in terms of God, revelation, obedience, punishment, and redemption. Shattock, a British naval officer, who spent three weeks of diligent meditation practice in a Theravada monastery near Rangoon: Meditation, therefore, is a really practical occupation: it is in no sense necessarily a religious one, though it is usually thought of as such. None of these are concerns or practices of the Eightfold Path. There are in Buddhism no drugs or stimulants, no secret teachings, and no mystical formulae. Buddhist meditation deals exclusively with the everyday phenomena of human consciousness. Ritual has replaced self-discipline, faith has replaced insight, and prayer has replaced understanding. If the basis of Christianity is God, the basis of Buddhism is mind. From the Buddhist viewpoint, mind or consciousness is the core of our existence. Therefore, in Buddhism the most significant fact of life is the first noble truth, the inevitable existence of dukkha. Dukkha is a Pali word embracing all types of displeasurable experience - sorrow, fear, worry, pain, despair, discord, frustration, agitation, irritation, etc.
Case studies in psychology kinds of remembering

Case studies in psychology kinds of remembering Case studies in psychology kinds of remembering


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