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Registration statement sec
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Registration statement sec

Date:17.06.2016, 07:09 Registration statements have the following two principal parts: Part I is the prospectus, the legal offering or "selling" document. The "issuer" of the securities must describe in the prospectus the important facts about its business operations, financial condition, and management. The accountants, engineers, or appraisers, or any persons whose profession gives authority to a statement made by them, who have with their consent been named as having prepared or certified any part of the registration statement, or as having prepared or certified any report or valuation that is used. About the firm Legal Compliance, LLC is a multifaceted corporate and securities law firm. Our firm assists clients. Learn More Corporate Securities law There's more than one way for private companies to go public on the OTC. Anyone can see this information by browsing on the. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Web site The Basic Registration Form: Form S-1. All companies can use Form S-1 to register their securities offerings.
Registration statement sec

Registration statement sec Registration statement sec


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