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Report writing year 3 planning
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Report writing year 3 planning

Date:23.06.2016, 11:30 Scotland, Citizenship Scotland, ICT Wales, English Wales, PSE. Wales, IT Northern Ireland, English Northern Ireland, Learning for Life and Work. Northern Ireland, Using ICT 1. INTRODUCTION VIDEO : WRITINEWS SCRIPT. VIDEO : WRITING THE NEWS Huw's tips Before watching this video, remind students of the five Ws. 2. THE THREE CS OF JOURNALISM Display this sentence: The man sustained fatal injuries. Ask students: Is it 100 clear? If not, why not? What would have made it more clear? Essential information for teachers about media law 6 C Remember who your audience are. Would they feel uncomfortable about a graphic report of a teenager's drug overdose? Would you feel comfortable reporting it? Students may therefore require two copies of the script-writing template. 4. KEEPING NEWS SAFE AND LEGAL Explain that being correct is also about staying within the law and making sure your report doesn't put people in danger. They must be on the BBC News website and have one of the following credits: AP, PA, AFP, Getty. 5 B The simplest thing do is to pick another news story.
Report writing year 3 planning

Report writing year 3 planning Report writing year 3 planning


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These elements will be used to give a broad overall structure to this Study Guide. Attending closely to the title The most important starting point is to listen carefully to what the essay title is telling you.

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