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Financial statements and their usage
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Financial statements and their usage

Date:18.12.2016, 13:59 The easy way to learn accounting online, for free! Did we meet our targets? All those, and many other questions and business decisions, require analysis of accounting information. 3. Lenders. Lenders of funds such as banks and other financial institutions are interested in the companys ability to pay liabilities upon maturity ( solvency ). Hold, sell, or buy more. Prospective investors need information to assess the company's potential for success and profitability. In the same way, small business owners need financial information to determine if the business is profitable and whether to continue, improve or drop it. 4. Trade creditors or suppliers Like lenders, trade creditors or suppliers are interested in the companys ability to pay obligations when they become due. They are nonetheless especially interested in the company's liquidity its ability to pay short-term obligations. They may also be interested in its financial position and performance to assess company expansion possibilities and career development opportunities. 7. Customers When there is a long-term involvement or contract between the company and its customers, the customers become interested in the companys ability to continue its existence and.
Financial statements and their usage

Financial statements and their usage Financial statements and their usage


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2. Who sees the beast? What have they just done? How do they react? 3. Complete the quot; "The silence was full of Explain. 4. How was this a good meeting for Ralph?

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