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How to write a good dbq essay
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How to write a good dbq essay

Date:23.05.2017, 10:04 How does a document fit into the prompt? How does the document fit your tentative thesis? Jot down notes next to each document. Pay attention to the chronology of the documents. The Womens Rights Movement was one of the movements that gained momentum during this time. 3 Write your thesis statement. Follow your thesis statement with a brief sentence that addresses the topics that will be covered in each following body paragraph. List the relevant outside information on a piece of scratch paper. Example for any of the prompts listed above: Think about the major goals of the Progressive era (such as increased health and safety codes in factories, limiting child labor etc. This document could be a government document, a treaty between nations, ship logs, a letter to a king or queen, etc. Example of a real additional document for an essay about womens suffrage : The Bill of Rights.
How to write a good dbq essay

How to write a good dbq essay How to write a good dbq essay


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George Washington. James MacGregor Burns and Susan Dunn. Burns, an emeritus professor of political science at Williams College, and Dunn.

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