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Essay on experience of a flood victim
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Essay on experience of a flood victim

Date:23.03.2018, 22:24 Actually, the defense attorney's statement is ludicrous. Even if one ignores the rapid growth of a geometric series, the historical examples of the rapid propagation of the Chrisma Worm in Dec 1987 and the Morris Worm in Nov 1988 show what happens when worms are released into computer networks. Because this excuse occurs in several of the cases presented below, let's discuss it at the beginning. Such an excuse might be plausible to someone who had no understanding of the Internet and computer programming. The worm itself was relatively harmless: it neither deleted nor altered the user's computer files. However, the rapid propagation of the worm created a mailstorm in the network of IBM mainframe computers from 9 to The author of the Christma worm was identified, by tracing the mail messages back to the original. When Morris understood that his worm was propagating faster than he had expected, he called a friend at Harvard University. The friend then sent the following anonymous message with a false source address to the TCP-IP mailing list via the Internet: A possible virus report: There may be a.
Essay on experience of a flood victim

Essay on experience of a flood victim Essay on experience of a flood victim


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Classification is based on the microscopic structure of tumor cells. Their difference is expressed not only in the structure of cells, but also in the symptomatology and spread of cancer. Small cell lung cancer is the most aggressive and fast-growing form of lung cancer, inextricably linked with smoking - about.

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