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Narrative speech intro
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Narrative speech intro

Date:24.01.2018, 01:43 2. THESIS CLAIM Write down one central idea in one short sentence. Test if your title sounds okay by speaking it out loud in 5 seconds maximum. Catch attention by writing a unforgettable claim that teases. Make sure you researched one or two bonus examples, narratives or anecdotes to make your message clear. Research surprising views, prove credibility, plus interact with anyone in the room. That is the bottomline of this speech writing tip Top 10. Many of us have very strong feelings and beliefs about what has happened in the last four years in our country. But there is also a growing concern with what could happen in the next four years.
Narrative speech intro

Narrative speech intro Narrative speech intro


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Implemented a program to track the use of adaptive utensils. Assisted OT in the evaluation processes and coordinated the rehabilitation course. Family Health Hospital: Occupational Therapy Aide ( ) Participated in several care conferences and Medicare meetings.

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