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Starbucks delivering customer service case study presentation
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Starbucks delivering customer service case study presentation

Date:24.03.2018, 05:40 Product mix depends on size and location Some stores offered variety of cold drinks, juices and pastries along with novelties like games and CDs Beverages accounted for 77 of sales Additional specialty channels accounted for 15 of net revenue (hotels, licenses, airlines etc, international licenses, grocery stores) Partnership with. Buy If buying, where and what type? Brand loyalty? Reasons for or against Customer service 3 Evolution of Economic Offerings Customization Commodities Goods Services Experiences Commoditization Adapted from J.R. Meredith and S.M. Predictable Intelligent Artsy Inclusive Welcoming to lounging Appeals to youth 19 Bad Trends on the Rise Starbucks cares primarily about making money Starbucks cares primarily about building more stores 21 Evolving Trends in Demographics Loyal Starbucks addicts Average customer 22 Whats the first thing that enters your mind when. 16 Forbidden City Beijing, China 17 Trouble Brewing Starbucks has a distributed marketing structure. Each officer was responsible for their own groups marketing Marketing is everywhere Data was taken but not used effectively Starbucks realized this and immediately noticed trends 18 Brand Differences Trendy Good for a quick drink. Goal: Lower service time below three- minutes per customer Goal: Maintain a high-standard of friendly customer service Initial Plan Relax labor-hour controls Add 20 hours of labor per store at a cost of 40M What would you do with 40M to improve operations at a retail coffee shop?
Starbucks delivering customer service case study presentation

Starbucks delivering customer service case study presentation Starbucks delivering customer service case study presentation


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Some of the rules he enforced as a leader were actually instrumental in saving the colony. His skill in dealing with the natives allowed him to gain their support and continue trade that resulted in the survival of the colony.

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