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Thomas becket biography full episodes
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Thomas becket biography full episodes

Date:16.05.2017, 21:51 The reason was that Henry wanted to bring order to the judicial system as at the time the Church had its own courts. The Church did not want to be part of a system which in the past had put them on the same level as serfs. In 1161 at the time of Theobald's death Becket realised the job of Archbishop of Canterbury was much more serious than that of Chancellor and that he would have to protect the Church from plans that Henry II had for it. Thomas Becket stood against the plans starting a rift between him and Henry that would led to Becket's death. 4 Episode: Henry II and Thomas Becket Oct 13 Edward the Confessor moved The body of Edward the Confessor was moved to a more fitting location within the Abbey. May 4, 2014. Thomas Becket - Warrior, Priest, Rebel. A revisionist new biography reintroducing readers to one of the most subversive figures in. Drawing on the full panoply of medieval sources, Guy sheds new light on the. of the king s minionsa grisly episode that Guy recounts in chilling and dramatic detail.
Thomas becket biography full episodes

Thomas becket biography full episodes Thomas becket biography full episodes


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