Aside from my coursework I have been an active member of the Counseling and Human Services Association throughout my college career and am currently serving in the position of Vice President for the year.

What black history month means to me
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What black history month means to me essay

Date:18.05.2016, 15:44 Written by Omar Alleyne-Lawler On this particular day, as my mother asked me what I learned during that day in school, I made one, fleeting, off-hand comment about the existence and work of Florence Nightingale. The black inventors and achievers of modern times, from scientists to civil rights leaders, are too often forgotten in todays struggle for survival, never mind the great civilisations of Africa who built great cities like Carthage and centres of learning like Timbuktu, or the opulent wealth built on international. Instead we add to the accounts of what we are all doing for history, adding to the timeline of what we are accomplishing as individuals in a community and laying the groundwork for something that makes sense for tomorrows generation. P?NewsID30707#.VZsQcPlVhBc m/africa-billionaires/list tab:overall As we celebrate Black History Month we not only look back with enormous gratitude to the African-Caribbean community. Black History Month runs throughout the month of October and is designed to celebrate the significant contributions that. In recent years local councils, who often supported BHM events like African drumming and dance from the 1980s, have pulled funding as budgets tightened. Parallel to this, we have seen more independent events, often put on with no grant funding, explore new areas of black history.
What black history month means to me essay

What black history month means to me essay What black history month means to me essay


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