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Why is water required in photosynthesis
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Why is water required in photosynthesis

Date:03.06.2016, 08:33 We will take an up-close personal look at these in a bit. On the cellular level, the reactions for photosynthesis occur in organelles called chloroplasts (in eukaryotic cells). Blue-green algae (which are prokaryotic) carry-out the photosythesis reactions in the cytoplasm. What raw materials are needed for the process of photosynthesis? As mentioned in the above box, chlorophyll must be present.  (Chlorophyll absorbs solar energy). Sunlight is necessary. That's why we call it PHOTO synthesis. Autotrophic activity in plant cells occur in organelles called. a) cytoplasm b) chloroplasts c) ribosomes d) nuclei secret answer area (MC) PICTURE QUESTIONS : Base the next 7 questions on the diagram below. The second product of photosynthesis is oxygen which comes in handy if your happen to be an aerobic organism that requires oxygen for survival. Where does photosythesis occur? This question can be answered on various levels. Anyhoo. our topic right now, namely photosynthesis, is arguably one of the most important chemical reactions occurring on the planet.  Let's see why. Let's begin with some basic questions answers about photosynthesis.
Why is water required in photosynthesis

Why is water required in photosynthesis Why is water required in photosynthesis


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