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Las aventuras del capitan alatriste resumen
Rating 4,8stars - 867 reviews

Las aventuras del capitan alatriste resumen

Date:16.06.2016, 17:45 Not much of the story left a lasting impression on me. There really didn't seem to be much plot going on here aside from: this is what war in the era of Spain's fading glory was like and I'm going to insert Alatriste and Inigo into the middle of. If the characters really jumped off the page then perhaps that by itself would be worth it, but I'm starting to think that Alatriste is perhaps a bit too laconic. We see him from a remove as it is given that almost everything is coming from Inigo's point of. A nit pick perhaps, but if your whole conceit is that this is a first person memoir then you ought to figure out how to handle this kind of situation without contradicting the whole support structure of your text - you're a writer, it's your job isn't it?!) Okay. In a nutshell the story is about Alatriste and Inigo as they struggle with the difficulties of war: not just the enemy, but hunger, boredom and even insurrection and I don't know if there's really much more for me to say. 2.5 stars What can I say? I find myself constantly underwhelmed by this series despite loving other books by Perez-Reverte. I guess I just want a really good historical swashbuckler with a bit of meat on it and despite having been generally underwhelmed by each book in the series.
Las aventuras del capitan alatriste resumen

Las aventuras del capitan alatriste resumen Las aventuras del capitan alatriste resumen


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