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Margaret thatcher biography prime minister
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Margaret thatcher biography prime minister

Date:06.06.2016, 03:57 On April 2, 1982. Argentina invaded the British Falkland Islands. Thatcher quickly sent British troops to retake the island. Although it was a difficult task, the British armed forces were able to take back the Falklands in a few short months and on June 14, 1982 the Islands were. Cold War - Margaret played an important role in the Cold War. She allied herself with. US President Ronald Reagan against the communist state of the Soviet Union. She held a very hard line against communism, but at the same time welcomed the easing of relations with. Mikhail Gorbachev. It was during her leadership that the Cold War effectively came to an end. Union Reform - One of Thatcher's goals was to reduce the power of the trade unions.
Margaret thatcher biography prime minister

Margaret thatcher biography prime minister Margaret thatcher biography prime minister


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